The Elementary School is for children in 1st – 5th grade and is an incredible stage of learning. The Elementary School provides a dynamic environment that is full of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Our highly regarded teaching staff’s ability and dedication create a festive, safe, and happy atmosphere where children are encouraged to be independent, creative, and have a growth mindset.

We are a learning-focused school, and during the elementary years, students go through an exciting journey of inquiring and discovering how the world around them works. Each day is an opportunity to extend the knowledge and skills and deepen the understanding as they make connections and develop a theme from different perspectives. Students are active participants of their learning, reflecting, continually getting better, and inevitably experience amazing learning.

Our belief and commitment are learners’ holistic development at their maximum potential through enjoyable, stimulating, and rigorous academic, personal, and international learning that prepares students to be cultured, ethical, compassionate, knowledgeable, happy, and globally competent citizens.

Classes are taught in English and Spanish, with 80% of teaching done in English to build a truly bilingual child’s foundation. In addition to the dedicated teacher, each class has specialist teachers in Music, Art, Philosophy, French, PE, and Spanish. In 5th Grade, students have specialist teachers in all subjects to prepare them for middle school.

The strong catholic heritage and values of St Jude have underpinned both our student’s welfare program and the way we support children with additional needs. Besides, students in 4th grade will have a different class to help families prepare their children for their First Communion.


The IPC is an exciting, thematic, and globally relevant curriculum for children in Elementary School.

The IPC is a philosophy, process, and pedagogy that delivers a broader and rigorous learning experience for our students. The IPC extends knowledge, skills, and understanding, develops personal attributes, and supports an international perspective in a way that responds to new and revised ideas about learning.


Units of work are based on exciting themes that keep children motivated by learning Science, Geography, History, Music, Art, and more. It also allows children to make purposeful links and connections throughout their learning and to see how their subject learning is related to the world they live in.


The Learning Goals are the foundation on which the IPC is built. They define what children are expected to know, what they should be able to do, and their understanding of their academic, personal, and international learning. At St Jude, we assess each year to ensure parents are aware of their children’s progress against these learning goals.

The curriculum also encourages and develops independent thinkers based on eight attributes that will help them succeed in a future life: adaptable, communicative, collaborative, empathetic, ethical, resilient, respectful, and thinker. It helps young children begin the move towards an increasingly sophisticated national, international, and intercultural perspective and develop a sense of ‘international mindedness ́Children become committed, happy life-long learners, as they are involved in the whole process of learning and assessment.


Learn all the essentials of playing this beautiful instrument through interactive lessons that will allow you to become a piano expert.


Learn how to play the Ukulele with basic chords, rhythmics and famous songs naturally, quickly and very fun.


This complete violin course takes you from solid foundations to being able to play melodies with the best sound and the best technique. Learn and master the correct sheet music reading, tuning and posture so that you take care of your body and enjoy every moment of learning this beautiful instrument.


With your singing lessons you will achieve the expressiveness and interpretive quality that you have always dreamed of.


This club has a multidisciplinary learning focus and promotes the interaction of different disciplines such as Math, Engineering, Science, and Technology. Students can build, design, develop, and operate different robots to solve problems and challenges. This methodology improves their creative skills, design skills, technological fluency, team work, problem solving, and critical thinking skills.


Our after-School service is oriented towards the day care modality, supporting our students to continue their work and accompany them to develop extracurricular activities within the institution.


This is an educational program that teaches entrepreneur skills through games so they can learn to reach their goals. It reinforces self-esteem, confidence, and it develops social skills to influence others in a positive way and promote their growing.


The sol-fa classes in our school are dynamic and enjoyable, ideal for easily learning.


This is a Science club that students don´t want to miss! These classes are design for students to develop their skills in scientific investigation, while leaning the basis of the scientific method and performing experiments and demonstrations. Specifically, this club is created around weekly experiments performed by the students themselves in the lab, we make sure they learn the concepts presented while they are having fun.


It is a space where students learn about animal welfare in a positive and entertaining way, developing values and skills to form students as “Mini Vets”. In classes we include a wide group of animals so that students can learn how these animals must live adequately, besides interacting with them which makes the classes a lot more fun.


With our acoustic and electric guitar courses, classes for various styles and levels, you're confident you'll progress at your own pace. You'll have an overall breakthrough thanks to structured classes, professional teachers, tools, scores and playbacks.


This cartoon club is developed over the practice of different aspects of humor drawing, based on the theorical topics of drawing. The learning process involves an active participation of the student and teacher.


Pastry club where students will have fun while learning to make delicious deserts and sweets such as cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, gummies, chocolates, donuts, and much more.


This is a creative and relaxing space that combines theory and practice, so that students can learn abilities and techniques to make sculptures using different materials as clay, dough, cardboard, and mache paper.


4 virtual classes per seminar on the Business Kids platform. - I'm a Chef - Finance for children - I understand the economy - My photography business - Spelling and writing for entrepreneurs - Be a successful Blogger


Our café stands out for its gourmet menu, it is in charge of the former Chef of the Marriot hotel, in it your children can taste different culinary options, our dishes are designed with the support of nutrition professionals to offer a balanced and healthy diet to our community. This service gives them the ability to have control over the food their children eat and apply the restrictions they deem necessary for their children's health. At the same time this service offers you the possibility for parents to cancel those consumed day by day or shit an account that they can cancel at the end of the month.


The institution has a risk policy through Pan-American Life Insurance of Costa Rica, S.A. to cover our students in case of any eventuality. Within the facilities we offer a plant nurse that is available at all times to attend unforeseen events safely, quickly and effectively.


We have a shuttle service around the GAM, these rates vary depending on the different routes.


Artistic expression club to develop the creativity and abilities to create and build using different materials. Students learn the basis of design to create individual and artistical projects, always thinking about the environment. They will make shoes, woven, luminaires, notepads, painting on clothes, bracelets and necklaces, and artistic installations.


These are classes of basic sewing, clothes re-making, embroidery, crochet, macramé, bracelets and more. This will stimulate important motor skills in the students.


Professional pencil drawing with classical techniques of structural drawing, grid use, proportion and perspective, exercises of the Bargue-Gérôme method and other methods of perception and visual representation. Students will learn different ways for shading and coloring, then move on to the technique of painting with acrylic on canvas, while learning about color theory and application in artworks.


Preparation and decoration of cakes. Students will learn to prepare delicious cakes, fillings, and cake lusters, besides learning the use of nozzles, fondant, flower and figures.


Development of visual thinking, during these classes they will learn to take notes in a fun and effective way using images, arrows, bubbles and lists. It helps students to increase concentration, improve memory and understanding, as well as helping them to develop critical thinking and skills. These techniques also provide a calming and relaxing effect.


Entertaining club where students learn a way of artistic communication. It is a very beneficial activity for kids, which allows them to learn about their own bodies, helping them to discover their movement abilities, while directing their creative and energetic potential.


This club is a mix of aerobic exercises and dance that allows students to stay in shape in a very fun way. It is a very beneficial activity in children training, that let them to get to know their own bodies, helping to discover their multiple movement capacities, channeling their creative and energetic potential.


We promote the learning process of this great sport at the same time as we reinforce values of discipline, respect, and fellowship that are the so important in the practice of this sport.

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