MUN is Fun!

Model MUN is an AMAZING experience for our students. It is fun to pretend to be a world leader solving the world’s most important issues in 48 hours or less. It is an adventure to explore new places, share experiences with teammates and friends, and make new friends from other schools. Some of the benefits of this activity include:

It motivates students to learn.
It reinforces what students learn in the classroom.
It teaches students about the world.
It builds confidence and leadership skills.
It improves public speaking skills.

In St. Jude, we want our students to know things, to be able to do something and to develop the depth to see the underlying sense of things. For this reason, a group of teachers encourage, guide, and support those students who are interested in participating in this yearly conference. Why? Because we want our students to become thinkers, to reflect, to be creative, and to respond appropriately to the different worldwide problems. The students’ learning covers not just knowledge but skills and understanding.

Model MUN is a powerful tool, and we are proud that our students from Hawks to Eagles can participate in this yearly conference. On September 10th, 2020 we participated in our first online Model United Nations (MUN) with our fellow ISP schools in Chile. We are sure they enjoyed this amazing opportunity to interact with students around the world.

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