Preschool has five different levels according to the children’s age. From Nursery 1 until Preparatory class, our students learn in a fun and engaging way. They discover the world in this incredible developmental stage, and we provide the tools for them to have amazing experiences where learning, safety, and happiness merge.

We focus on language, literacy skills, and math through a variety of activities and projects. At St Jude, it is essential to work on problem-solving skills and help children expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary.

Through hands-on activities, children experience what is around them. They use their senses and their imagination to open a world of wonder for them every day. It helps them.
• Explore, develop and represent learning experiences that help them to make sense of the world
• Practice and learn ideas, concepts and skills
• Understand the need for rules
• Develop persistence
• Think creatively and imaginatively
• Learn to problem solve and communicate with others

Activities may be either teacher-directed or student-initiated.
Each class has a trained teacher and a teaching assistant teacher. Music, art, philosophy, physical education, and dramatic play are part of our everyday lives, and specialist teachers teach them.


At St Jude, we use the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) as the basis for our teaching and learning.

The earliest years of learning are essential; therefore, children should be supported to learn and develop at their own unique pace. It happens by developing learning units that are thematically based and designed to last for several weeks. The IEYC units do not focus on just one or two subjects; all of them incorporate the four Learning Strands to connect children’s learning.

The IEYC encourages engagement and enjoyment in high-quality learning experiences that support and extend learning and development.

In this curriculum, play is an essential aspect of all children’s learning and development. And that learning happens when developmentally appropriate, teacher-scaffolded, and child-initiated experiences harness children’s natural curiosity in an enabling environment.

Children are also a part of independent and interdependent learning experiences that create a context for personal development and are the foundation of international mindedness.

Learning happens when knowledge and skills development lead to an increasing sense of understanding when children are provided with opportunities to explore and express their ideas in multiple ways in the early years.

To be a learning-focused curriculum is also to be a curriculum focused on an assessment that improves learning. Improving learning is central to the IEYC, with the curriculum designed around this. The IEYC outcomes are linked to IPC rubrics, so that transition to primary school is smooth.

This curriculum basis is that learning should be motivating, engaging, and fun, opening up a world of wonder for children where personal interests can flourish. It also creates a child-centered approach that allows children to have their ideas—providing a holistic approach to learning and development. The IEYC has been designed to help teachers help children learn effectively and with enjoyment.


We have a shuttle service around the GAM, these rates vary depending on the different routes.


Football class for students to learn skills needed in this sport.


Our after-School service is oriented towards the day care modality, supporting our students to continue their work and accompany them to develop extracurricular activities within the institution.


Learn the experience of modeling, contact with mud and creating beautiful shapes with our own hands; and know the different techniques of sculpture and contribution to the art history of the main sculptors.


We are dedicated to teaching the general care of pets, creating awareness, learning and sensitivity towards animals, focusing on education at an early age.


The institution has a risk policy through Pan-American Life Insurance of Costa Rica, S.A. to cover our students in case of any eventuality. Within the facilities we offer a plant nurse that is available at all times to attend unforeseen events safely, quickly and effectively.


Our café stands out for its gourmet menu, it is in charge of the former Chef of the Marriot hotel, in it your children can taste different culinary options, our dishes are designed with the support of nutrition professionals to offer a balanced and healthy diet to our community. This service gives them the ability to have control over the food their children eat and apply the restrictions they deem necessary for their children's health. At the same time this service offers you the possibility for parents to cancel those consumed day by day or shit an account that they can cancel at the end of the month.

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