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We seek to increase the participation of students in both competitive and noncompetitive sports and other recreational activities, develop healthy lifestyles, and enjoy a high level of wellbeing. We also believe that this is accomplished through a positive school spirit.

Our sports program includes participation in tournaments, this includes local and international events in basketball, football, volleyball and athletics.

Our sports program has no additional cost.

Just choose your favorite!


Co-Curricular activities takes great importance alongside academic performance at St. Jude School. Opportunities to participate in a variety of sessions in music and the arts, science & technology, and sports, your children will enrich their school experience, taking learning beyond the classroom. In our international community, we have discovered that after school activities also provide children with additional occasions to see their friends, peers, and educators, which ultimately strengthen our community.

In addition to exploring their curiosities and developing both socially and physically, students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the spirit of teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment.

Co-curriculars and clubs include a wide range of both individual pursuits and team building for all students to choose.

Enjoy our after school activities.



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