We return to our dear St Jude School

We return to our dear St Jude School.

Again our classrooms are filled with life, and also the halls of our school, as the students have brought joy back to our building. We are back and that makes us all very happy; we have taken all the cautions so we can take care of each other.

It is not easy to return after nine months of being immersed in virtuality. We must have confidence that everything will be well, and become aware that the emotional well-being of our student community is everyone’s responsibility. It is a challenge for everyone, but we are all facing it with joy and optimism.

Everyone, both students and adults face different sensations and moods. We might even feel some anxiety about the return to classes, however, the joy of meeting allows us to manage each emotion in a better way.

This new normality leads us to leave behind any routine of the past and invites us to learn and, above all else, to give greater importance to the care of emotional well-being.

What can we do to take care of emotional health?

1- Let’s enjoy the change. We must be open to change and adapt in the best way. This will help us so that as a community we can enjoy being back at school despite the uncertainty.

2- Let’s learn how to manage our emotions. It is important not to think so much about what we are worried about, rather we should try to relax and take a deep breath. This allows us to feel better. Let us accept our emotions, both positive and negative, as this will help us manage them better.

3- There are routines that we must maintain, especially taking care of habits and schedules, eating at the same time, sleeping with a fixed schedule and having a suitable space to study. This will allow the return to St.Jude to be better.

4- Do some kind of exercise that helps you stay active; exercise generates a sense of well-being that helps you better manage this new normal.

5- Let’s enjoy the time we are at home or at school. Quality time is essential, both with our peers and with our family. 

As an educational community we are committed to taking care of everyone’s emotional well-being, so if you feel the need to comment on a situation that affects you at home or at school, don’t hesitate to seek help. It will be a pleasure to be able to provide support to make you feel better.

MSc. César Leandro Marín

CGS Department Coordinator

Safeguard Leader

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