Create a College Board Account:

To register online for the SAT, create an account with the College Board in the next link.

Visit the SAT Registration Page, and Click "Register Now"

Once you've created your College Board account, you can begin the SAT registration process. Log in, go to the SAT suite, and then navigate to the College Board's SAT registration page. Click the "Register Now" button.
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SAT Registration

Enter Your Personal Information:

You need a digital photo or copy of your ID. You must submit these materials because test administrators will need to confirm your identity when you take the SAT.

Select Your Test Date and our Test Center (St Jude School code 89964):

You can use the SAT test center search tool to look for a test date and our center. Once you find a test date and center that fits your schedule, click "Register for the SAT."
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Find your SAT Center

Upload Your Photo:

You'll now be asked to upload a photo of yourself. On the day of the test, your SAT administrator will compare the photo you upload to your photo ID for security purposes.

The photo you upload should meet the following requirements:
• Both of your eyes must be visible
• The photo can only include you
• The picture must be clear
• It cannot include digital alterations, like a filter
• Your head must be uncovered

Add Optional Services and Practice Materials (*optional)

You can choose to add answer services for an additional $16 and/or SAT practice materials for $29.99.

Review Your Order and Confirm Your SAT Registration:

The last step is to review and confirm your order, and then pay $60 SAT registration fee plus a $43 regional fee. Make sure all your information matches what's on your ID, especially your name.

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St. Jude School will give a snack to the applicants during their recess