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I am an ISP Scientist

Students contribute to a real-world STEM project through citizen science and have opportunities to engage with STEM professionals through ‘Ask a Scientist’ Q&A videos.

ISP Film Festival

Students complete a 4-month filmmaking programme from planning to production and submit the film to a voting poll. Awarded students attend a film screening and award ceremony.

ISP Math Challenge

Students complete maths activities on a games-based platform, competing on points (not like for like activities). Students can participate at school or at home. Individuals and schools that earn the most points will win educational prizes.

ISP English Language Challenge

Students complete English language questions and activities on a gamesbased platform, competing on points (not like for like activities). Students can participate at school or at home. Individuals and schools that earn the most points will win educational prizes.

ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme

Students participate in an 8-week programme of weekly video calls of 35 minutes with a student from another ISP school.

ISP Buddy Exchange Programme

One-month reciprocal exchanges across the world between paired students to experience the life of another student; culturally, educationally, and socially.

ISP Futures

An ISP-wide campaign around the theme of ‘What do we want our organisation to be like in 10, 20 and 50 years’ time’. Creating a more sustainable organisation and leaving a better ISP for future students.

ISP Online Chess Tournament

Students to compete in teams against other ISP schools in Regional Online Chess Tournaments.

ISP International Summer Camp

An opportunity for students to experience a US-style Summer Camp with a variety of learning-focused, team building and outdoor activities, whilst having fun and making new friends in a fully immersive English environment.

Street Child United

Partnership to support the work of SCU in improving the lives of street connected young people around the world. Young Leader visits to ISP schools, fundraising, awareness- raising and other activities.

ISP Model United Nations

ISP students from around the world come together to experience an educational simulation of a real UN conference. Students are tasked to debate and solve an international issue in a diplomatic manner following the ideals from the Charter of the United Nations.

Space Camp

Space Camp is the best educational experience that shows real-world applications in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They also learn about leadership and teamwork, while having fun and using their creativity. This experience also offers a complete immersion among humanity greatest technological achievements in space.

Space Academy

Program for students from 12 to 14 years old, during this week of camp the students experience firsthand the future of space travel, while training to solve technical anomaly challenges so they can complete a mission to the moon or Mars as a team, and conduct experiments on the International Space Station.

Advanced Space Academy

Aimed to students from 15 to 18 years old, which allows them to explore career and professional preparation through an immersive experience in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition, they will live the incredible experience of micro-gravity or neutral buoyancy while diving in the underwater astronaut trainer.

Bio Buddies Camp

Provide an enthusiastic, imaginative, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to help students develop a lifelong appreciation, understanding and stewardship for our diverse natural environments and resources.






Luna López and Sofía Ruiz, tenth year old, participated in the All Dance Costa Rica competition with excellent performance and results. Sofia was placed in the top 5 of the competition.
They will be representing Costa Rica in the All Dance World International competition that will be held from September 23rd to September 27th.


Brianna Calderón is undoubtedly a student who shines with her light. She is currently a champion of multiple national and international competitions. Her most recent achievement, being admitted academically and artistically at Point Park University in the USA; recognized among the five best universities for its dance programs.


Our student Isabella Mejías Rodríguez from 7th grade-Pumas won first place in the Training Level Test 1 of Horse training competition.


Esperamos que se encuentren muy bien. Queremos aprovechar la oportunidad antes de que concluya el año para expresar nuestro sincero agradecimiento y reconocimiento a Teacher Paty. Sin duda es una de las mejores teachers que han tenido nuestros hijos: exigente pero cariñosa, estricta pero paciente, alegre, con una excelente actitud hacia los padres, pero sobre todo hacia los niños, dispuesta a escuchar y a ayudar, y con una muy buena comunicación. Nos da mucha pena haberla tenido tan poco tiempo, pero en estos meses se ha ganado el amor de los chicos, y el respeto y la admiración de los padres. Ojalá pudiera quedarse definitivamente en la institución, pues es una excelente profesional. Muchas gracias por habernos permitido conocerla y aprovecharla (en el buen sentido de la palabra) aunque sea un tiempito.

Tatiana y Daniel (padres de Ana Lucía Zueras)

Cuando escogí el St Jude tuve miedo de que estuviera sesgada porque me gradué de ahí (hace muuuchos años), pero al día de hoy no me arrepiento ni un minuto. Mi hijo diariamente se levanta feliz por ir al Kínder y vuelve feliz. Eso como mamá trabajadora me da tranquilidad y paz.

Susana Hidalgo