St Jude School is an amazing and excellent school in many ways.

My name is Mary-Jo Gill, and as Director General of St Jude School, I am delighted to welcome you to our impressive school, which since 1963 has provided exclusive access to a world-class, world-class international education.

St Jude School is an amazing and excellent school in many ways.

Academically, we expect all of our students to enter the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma program in their last two years at school.

The IB course prepares the St Jude School student in a bilingual environment throughout their time at school to graduate seamlessly for university and then for high-level work environments. St Jude students receive great offers and scholarships around the world and all are prepared for a multilingual world as they become bilingual in English and Spanish with French as a third language.

At St Jude School we seek to develop the whole person, we do not just focus on academics. St Jude School has excellent sports facilities including a large sports ground, multi-sports complex and swimming pool. Students at St Jude School also study art and music and enjoy numerous opportunities to participate in drama and dance.

St Jude School is the only school to offer the CASE V program, attracting internationally talented, high-class, school-age athletes, dancers, and musicians year after year to continue competing while completing a world-class education with us.

We have state-of-the-art buildings, outstanding and elegant, with separate sections and play spaces for preschool, primary and secondary, as well as a beautiful Forest, a large and safe wooded area, with many trails, nice seating areas as well as plants and trees autochthonous. Here many of our students relax, have lunch and interact in a rewarding environment. This beautiful biodiverse area, within the school grounds, is also used for teaching and learning.

Our students can enter the St Jude School facilities from 6:30 am. and they can stay for exciting, well-structured, and extensive extracurricular activities until 5:00 pm. St Jude School has an immersive experience, a complete experience.

St Jude School staff are known for their collaborative teamwork, empathy and positivity, and for establishing the excellent learning environment that students at St Jude School enjoy for their learning.

We are known for our happy atmosphere. Our students arrive every day happy and smiling and learn without tears. We are an inclusive school and accept all abilities and levels, supporting and encouraging all students to achieve their best. We call this excellence and we live by this motto.

The St Jude School community is a whole and complete community. Our goal is to work as a team with all stakeholders, collaborating with our parents through focus groups, afternoon coffee groups, and breakfasts.

We accept students of all faiths and beliefs, and we shine by our strong Catholic values and ethics, with regular Masses and support for the Catholic sacraments of First Communion and Catechism. We venerate the Blessed Virgin in our wooded setting.

Choosing a school is complex for parents, however, St. Jude School shines as an example of excellent education in a beautiful environment with many benefits for students and the community.

I invite you to visit the website to learn more about the programs and activities we offer. The staff and I look forward to meeting and welcoming you at St Jude.